Saturday, February 8, 2014

We Will Be Gone Til' The 18th

Hey Jammers! Tater here!Lightning and I will be gone Until the 18th of February!
We are headed to a thing called Pheasants Fest! And will be traveling and stuff.
So we wont be able to post until we return. If I find time to post I will. But if i dont
have time then the blog will be inactive till the 18th! Please keep viewing! And Check back
to see if anyone posted! Thanks everyone! Until Next time...
Jam on Jammers!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Been so busy...

Hey Jammers! I know I've been absent a lot but I am currently in the middle
of getting my own horse.. I've had a lot of things to do lately and I am sorry..
I will do my best to be on more.......

Cant Comment Update
Okay so in my last posts ive said i cant reply to comments.
But I am going to make a post replying to all your comments! So be sure
to look out for it!! I am sorry if you all think i am ignoring your comments...
Im trying my best to resolve this problem! Thank you for your patients....
Until next time, Jam on Jammers!

Monday, January 20, 2014


Guys! Ive said this before.... Blogger isnt letting my reply to your comments..
I have gotten multiple comments saying "Please reply to this."
Trust me i would if i could.... But blogger isnt letting me.
Give me a few days and I make a post replying to your comments...
Please just be patient.. Thank you!
Jam on Jammers

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cant Reply To Commets....

Hey Guys so I've been getting so many comments on the Fman Story. 
And I would just like to say... No Guys i am not ignoring you!
Blogger wont let me comment for some reason.. I will try to make
a post answering each and every one of your comments....
I am Truly sorry! I have no idea why it will not let me comment...
But I've tried multiple times and it just wont... I just wanted you guys
to know that I am not ignoring you....
Thanks For Understanding...
Until Next time!
Jam on Jammers!

New Items!

Salutations Jammers!
I'd like to say sorry for not posting..
Im redoing my room and its been crazy busy
Anyways Ive Got the updates on the new Items for ya!
The Cool New and Stylish SnowBoarding Helmet 
For Only 500 Gems! Get yours Today! lol

The Warm but fashionable SnowFlake Boots!
In your local Store For only 450!

And Last but not least! We have the Decorative
Ice Skates! Put them in your den for all your Buddies to see!
Available for Purchase at the Jam Furniture Mare For 400!
Haha, Thanks Guys! I want You to know how much Me and Little
Appreciate you guys! Without all of you our blog would be nothing!
I cant believe how far we have come in these Few month since we have been back
Thank you everyone! Until Next time
Jam On Jammers!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Fman is still around!! (And I'm BACK!!!)

Hey jammers its LightningStar60 here! I have returned to the wonderful world of Animal Jam and TAJC!! This is my first post in like a YEAR. Isn't that sad? Well I'm back and When I was on Animal Jam this morning I got a strange Jam-a-Gram... from our beloved friend FMAN.
He's got more usernames than we knew of. Here is one of them. Keep your eyes open and report and block. AND DO NOT OPEN THESE GIFTS!!!! If it wasn't for Tater warning me, My account would of been destroyed. Here is our warning to you: fman is still out there and is using more accounts to ruin our fun in Jamaa. Check out our page on the virus for more info. Have a Great Day!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fman122 stil active

Greetings Jammers!
I just had noticed that Lightning Star
had gotten a Jam-a-gram from somone we all
know an dislike... Now I thought maybe he had
left Jamma and decided to leave us all alone....
But Sadly he is still around and active. This Is just
a warning that he is stilll around! I am just telling 
everyone to not open any Jam-a-gram gifts from
anyone you do not know! Stay Safe Jammers!
Until next time
Jam on Jammers!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Years Everyone!!
I dont think it should be 2014 yet...
The Year went by so fast!! 
I cant Believe it!!!
Anyways what are your guy's New
Year resolutions? Anything Good???
I think Mine is to run more!
Haha Anyways! Until Next time...
Jam on Jammers!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sorry Guys

Hey Jammers!
Sorry that I haven't been posting!
I was busy at my Aunts and Uncles.
But I am back now, And will post as much as I
was before! Did everyone have good Holidays??
I know it did! I got everything i wanted :3
Anyways until next
Jam On Jammers!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013


Oh my gosh! Guys guess what!!!
Im so excited! Im singing in my churches Christmas
Eve Service! Im gonna be really nervous! XD
Anyways Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!!!
The gift for the day is....
A Candy Cane tie! I think its cool! But thats just me! lol
Well Jammers, Are you guys excited for Christmas???
I know I am!! I will try to post tomorrow but if I do not get
a chance....
Until Next Time
Jam On Jammers!